January 22, 2018
The day 22 January 1919 marked  in the national calendar as a major public holiday - the Day of Unification of Ukraine. It was happened when on the square in front of Kyiv Sophia there was an event that a generation of Ukrainian patriots dreamed of: the Ukrainian People's Republic and the Western Ukrainian People's Republic solemnly proclaimed on the unification in a crowded gathering. The proclamation of the idea of unity  was a powerful expression of the creative energy of the nation and a desire for ethnic and territorial unity.

We believe that a territorial integrity of Ukraine, affixed by the blood of millions of invincible fighters, will forever remain inviolable. We must be aware that only in the unity of action can we achieve the grand goal - building an economically and spiritually rich, free and democratic Ukraine, which our descendants will be proud of. We sincerely wish you good health, happiness, goodness, peace, harmony and deep faith in the worthy future of our native land and Ukraine.
Dear Colleagues,
The Head of the Center
M. Hrebeniuk
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